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Resource Development

DSA knows your company is only as strong as your employees.
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HR Development

“Building Careers”, it’s in our motto!  One way DSA assists with developing people and helping build their careers is through training.  Our qualified instructors teach through experience, best practices and industry knowledge.  From crew leadership, frontline supervisor, back-office training and all points in between, DSA has the instructors, material, and proven content to guide your employees on their career journey.  We are also NCCER certified! 

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Read Our Latest White Paper

We are proud to release a white paper, written by our Managing Partner, Darryl Samuels. In "Bringing B[l]ack Capacity to the Construction Industry",


Darryl explores the reasons why African American participation in the construction industry dropped off a few decades ago, and what we can do as a community to bring back black diversity to the jobsite.  

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DSA's resource development is concerned with developing and implementing people strategies, integrating with your company system, and ensuring that the organization's culture, values, structure, and the quality, motivation, and commitment of its members contribute fully to the achievement of its goals.

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The DSA Advantage

When you partner with DSA for your Resource Development needs,

you gain access to the following benefits.

Workforce Development

Subcontractor Development

Apprenticeship Certification

NCCER Certification

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